Dennis Rodman

Anyone my age or older is most likely going to remember the Rodman era.  I’m pretty sure he changed NBA hair forever.  There were just way too many images to choose from.  But here are a few.  You’ll notice single colors in the early phases.  Then designs got more complicated and he added piercings.  And I left out the drag-queen looks.  I’m sure some of those were the most fun.  But I’m sticking to the ones he used on the court here.

Steve Nash

I love watching basketball.  Can’t seem to get into the college world, but I love the NBA.  And it never fails that there is some player on the screen with hair that makes me say,  “What were you thinking?!”.  So, thus this tab on my site begins with one from my favorite team.  Of course he has, in recent years, come to his senses and gone short.  But before? Ewww!  And what was that with the licking of the fingers after rubbing them through all the sweaty hair?!  Yuck!!!  So here you go…


“I lick my fingers because I don’t like when my hands get slick. Licking my fingers helps me keep a good grip on the ball.”