where does the time go?

There is NEVER enough time in the day, is there?  I remember, back when I was “young”, thinking of all the things I would do when I didn’t have to work a full-time job away from home.  I was going to have sooooo much time on my hands!  I worked 6am-2pm, with a 30-45 minute commute from home, a toddler, a baby that didn’t sleep through the night, and a husband that worked 20-30 hours per week while finishing his undergrad degree.  It hurts my brain to even think of that routine nowadays.  My body could never handle it.  I had sugarplum visions of community volunteer work, cake decorating classes, DIY crafts, and home improvement projects.  I haven’t worked outside the home for 13 years.  And yet I still complain I don’t have enough time.  I have no community volunteer work or cake decorating classes in my life.  And I have zero desire for crafts or home improvement projects.  But what I have learned over the years, at least for me, is that my lack of time has more to do with my time management techniques than it does with how many tasks I think I have to get done.

Back in the earlier years, I discovered the Family Manager’s Guide for Working Moms.  The basic philosophy was to break your day down into 15 minute chunks.  Start from when you wake up, and go until you typically go to bed.  Outline what you do in a normal day.  Find the small bits of downtime in your schedule.  The author discusses how you can fold a few articles of clothing in just 15 minutes.  Or wipe down a counter, or load several dishes into a dishwasher, or pay a couple of bills.  Of course there are tips for managing food and finances, setting goals, delegating tasks, etc.  But for me, this time management technique really stuck with me.  (Don’t take that to mean I always follow it).  But even if you don’t work outside the home, you are still busy.  There is always something pulling you one way or the other.  And even if you aren’t a mom, you are still busy.  This technique is super helpful in finding small chunks of time during the day to be used wisely.  And it will be a great way to help you earn your Find More points this week in the Wellness Challenge!

no time for mealtime

A question was posed this week…What are some good suggestions for meal replacement bars?  My first reaction was to say “Don’t eat them!”.  But instead, I decided to take some time to think about it and come up with better advice.

I’ve never been a fan of meal replacement bars, unless they’re in a 72 hr emergency kit or for camping.  I feel the same way about multivitamins.  I just don’t believe there is any good substitute for real whole food.  But that’s in an ideal world, and I know none of us live in one of those.  So we do the best we can with what has been given to us – financially, socially, etc.  Not enough time and not enough money are always the chief complaints.  So if you need to take a multivitamin, find one that is food-based and without artificial colors.  If you must eat a meal replacement bar, try to find one low in sugar.  Those are my best suggestions.  Below, you will find a list of meal replacement bars with 15g of sugar or less.  I would start with this list, and hope that one or a few of these is desirable to your taste buds.  If you have a Whole Foods Market near you, you can easily find multivitamins that are food-based and free of any additives.  Their store brand (365) makes them, along with other name brands.  I still whole-heartedly believe that nothing is as good as the real deal, and would like to discuss ways to avoid meal replacement bars as much as possible.  But that shall be saved for another post.  In the meantime, if your schedule demands them, I hope these will help.

Rise Almond Honey Protein Bar 

22 Days Nutrition Enlightened Pumpkin Seed

22 Days Nutrition Nut Butter Buddha

Larabar ALT Lemon Pound Cake

Larabar Uber (all flavors)

Zing Bars (all flavors)

22 Days Nutrition also has a few energy bar flavors that are all under 15g of sugar.  They probably don’t have enough to fill you up for a full meal replacement but would definitely work pre/post workout.  Rise also has energy bars and breakfast bars, most of which are under the 15g of sugar.

Wellness Challenge forms

Here are the forms and guidelines for the Wellness Challenge.  We start in just 3 days!!  Please make sure to do your baseline workouts and measure your body weight, then send the results in to me BEFORE Monday!!

Wellness Challenge outline

Nutrition Guidelines

Points Tracking


ALL, nothing, and somewhere in between

I have had several people speak to me about the Wellness Challenge and how they feel inadequate or not capable of participating.  I feel this hits home to the very reason Find More exists.  We all feel inadequate in some way.  And, oftentimes, those inadequacies keep us from moving forward to a place we really want to be.  Our desires can be so large, but it only takes the smallest feeling of “incapableness” to squash that desire.  Through Find More we can overcome those pesky feelings and do something proactive to reach goals we otherwise would not have tried for.

Let’s address those feelings specifically related to this Wellness Challenge.  Maybe you currently are a couch potato and haven’t done anything that remotely resembles exercise for as long as you can remember, and you haven’t the slightest idea what activities would be helpful to start off with.  Perhaps your diet consists completely of fast food and late-night candy and you have no clue which foods are good for your body and which ones aren’t.  Or, just maybe you know what you should be doing but you are clinging to your Diet Coke and coffee with every fiber of your being!  Does the thought of eating meat or raw carrots just make you want to puke?  All of these things are OK and you can still go through this challenge!  Don’t let the words “crossfit” or “wheat flour” scare you.  So you drank a soda and deducted a point one day (or every day that week).  You watched tv all day today and decided to skip your walk? Awesome.  Move on.  You only got 1 point out of all of the 5 food points?  The nutrition police won’t come knocking on your door.  Don’t worry.  Did you eat better than you did yesterday?  Did you stay in bed less than you did last week?

This challenge is NOT about being great at the beginning and hoping for perfection 6 weeks later.  This challenge is about individual PROGRESS.  We are having some fun categories to compete in, but the only person you should use for comparison on a daily basis is YOURSELF.  Be better than yourself, not the person next to you (online or otherwise).  This challenge is about finding our MORE.  There is more to find no matter what level we are starting at.  We measure our baselines and 6 weeks later we see how much more we had in us.  This is about being proactive and discovering a plan, then using that plan to Find More.

Please, if you have any other feelings (large or small) that are squashing your huge desires to Find More, message me, txt me, email me, knock on my door – whatever you have to do… and we will help get you started.  If you don’t know how to begin and you need more specific guidance, we will accommodate.  Don’t let any of the details of this challenge deter you from making an attempt to reach your goals.

let’s find more…

Who’s up for some healthy competition? Pun intended in this case.  I’ve thrown together a Wellness Challenge that we are all doing here, and would love for everyone out there to participate with us!  Are you looking for more healthy food?  Or maybe to be stronger?  Or perhaps just to be fitter and feel better?  Whatever that “more” is that you’re looking for, let’s find it.

What is Wellness, anyway? Wellness means different things to different people. To some it is merely an attitude or a feeling. To others it is their best times on running a mile or finishing a workout in the gym. For the purposes of this challenge, we are going to rely heavily on the research and conclusions of the NWI (National Wellness Institute). Wellness takes conscious effort. It is self-directed and evolving. It is a process of achieving your full potential. It is multi-dimensional. It is positive and affirming. There are 6 dimensions of wellness as defined by the NWI. They are Occupational, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Social.

What is this challenge all about?  This is not meant to be a diet! The goal is to help you in committing to a healthier lifestyle. For this challenge, we will focus predominantly on the physical dimension of wellness, as outlined by the NWI. We will recognize and accept that we have free will and can make good healthy choices in our lives, without highlighting guilt and failure. We will help to stimulate the competitive nature in all of us, in hopes to motivate change and focus on positive accomplishments. The nutrition category will involve a plant-based whole food substance-free diet. If this is against your beliefs, you can still proceed with this challenge and use your own food guidelines. Remember that the level of effort you put into something will be directly related to your reward at the end. We are also Crossfitters. So as we discuss elements of the exercise and mobility categories and there is terminology you do not understand, don’t feel left out. Just ask.

There will be charts available soon for you to download and use during the challenge. There will also be tips and other tidbits of help posted throughout the challenge that will help with each category. We won’t leave you out there to do this alone! And don’t forget to post to the Find More page and interact with other participants. We are motivated by seeing the successes of others. We are more likely to accomplish our goals if we voice them to others and hold ourselves accountable.

What are the rules of this challenge?

  • You begin with 5 points each day. Points can be added or taken away depending on your daily choices.
  • A week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday
  • You cannot double points for any category. But you can achieve partial points for each category. If you manage to drink half the water you are required to, you may count 1 point in your favor. Of course if you only drink a tenth of the required amount, you receive no points. Please be honest. It’s the best way to achieve your goals.
  • You can only achieve a maximum of 20 points total each day
  • Challenge begins Feb 16 and will end 6 weeks later
  • Baseline data will consist of 2 structured workouts and body weight
  • In order to participate and compete for prizes, you must private message this page with your name (or nickname you want to use), and your initial baseline data. You must track your own daily points and private message this page your weekly totals. DO NOT post your data on the timeline. It will not count!

How do the points work?

  • Nutrition (5) – you begin with 5. As you follow the Nutrition Guidelines, you will either keep your 5 points for the day, or lose some. Please refer to the chart to see what foods are allowed and which ones aren’t.
  • Exercise (+2) – you can earn 2 points for exercising AT LEAST 20 minutes. We are each at different levels of health and we want this challenge to be for everyone. You need to judge your own level and decide how much you want to benefit. If you lead a sedentary life right now, a 20 minute walk would be sufficient for earning your 2 points. If you are at the gym 5 times a day, your workout would be required for achieving your 2 points.
  • Mobility (+2) – earn 2 points for working on the flexibility of your body. Spend 15 minutes or more increasing your range of motion in some area. Make a conscious effort to learn new mobility movements and apply them.
  • Water (+2) – give yourself 2 points each day for drinking enough water. Measure one-third of your body weight in ounces. (i.e. if you weigh 150 lbs, you must drink 50 oz of water to get your 2 points for the day)
  • Rest (+2) – earn 2 points for taking a day to rest each week. Whether this day is Sunday or Saturday for religious purposes, or you choose to make it something else, it doesn’t matter. We do recommend you choose a day you don’t have to work so you have the most rest possible.
  • Extra (+2) – this will be something rotating on a weekly basis. It will be posted each week on Sunday and will be related to physical health
  • Find More (+5) – this will be the toughest of all your points. It will be something that you need to work hard for. It will incorporate one of the other 5 elements of Wellness as defined by the NWI. It will also rotate weekly and be posted each Sunday.

What are the baseline measurements?  There will be 2 structured workouts that you will need to do BEFORE you start the challenge. And you will also weigh yourself. I know. That’s the most difficult part of this whole thing, right? Workout #2A is for non-crossfitters. Workout #2B is for crossfitters. (I mentioned we are Crossfitters, remember?) If you are also a Crossfitter, or you have access to a gym and equipment, please choose workout #2B as one of your 2 baselines. The reason for this is because it is definitely more intense than the others. And if you are participating in this challenge to get better at something, you will want to make sure you don’t start below your current physical level. Work through the workout as best you can and record your results. Please don’t use your baselines as a means for fueling discouragement. We are all starting at various levels. Even if you only finish half a round, or take 45 minutes to finish a timed workout, it doesn’t matter. The goal is to better yourself and establish some healthy habits. If all of these workouts look too difficult and like something you wouldn’t be able to even do part of, please private message the page and we will come up with a modified workout for your baseline.

What can I win?  I know. Why would anyone participate in something if there isn’t a reward or a prize?  There will be winners in the following categories:

  • Highest points total overall
  • Most Improved – Points
  • Most Improved – Baselines
  • Find More Winner

You will be contacted if you are a winner in one of these categories.  You will receive an awesome Find More certificate and of course a special fancy prize from me!