ALL, nothing, and somewhere in between

I have had several people speak to me about the Wellness Challenge and how they feel inadequate or not capable of participating.  I feel this hits home to the very reason Find More exists.  We all feel inadequate in some way.  And, oftentimes, those inadequacies keep us from moving forward to a place we really want to be.  Our desires can be so large, but it only takes the smallest feeling of “incapableness” to squash that desire.  Through Find More we can overcome those pesky feelings and do something proactive to reach goals we otherwise would not have tried for.

Let’s address those feelings specifically related to this Wellness Challenge.  Maybe you currently are a couch potato and haven’t done anything that remotely resembles exercise for as long as you can remember, and you haven’t the slightest idea what activities would be helpful to start off with.  Perhaps your diet consists completely of fast food and late-night candy and you have no clue which foods are good for your body and which ones aren’t.  Or, just maybe you know what you should be doing but you are clinging to your Diet Coke and coffee with every fiber of your being!  Does the thought of eating meat or raw carrots just make you want to puke?  All of these things are OK and you can still go through this challenge!  Don’t let the words “crossfit” or “wheat flour” scare you.  So you drank a soda and deducted a point one day (or every day that week).  You watched tv all day today and decided to skip your walk? Awesome.  Move on.  You only got 1 point out of all of the 5 food points?  The nutrition police won’t come knocking on your door.  Don’t worry.  Did you eat better than you did yesterday?  Did you stay in bed less than you did last week?

This challenge is NOT about being great at the beginning and hoping for perfection 6 weeks later.  This challenge is about individual PROGRESS.  We are having some fun categories to compete in, but the only person you should use for comparison on a daily basis is YOURSELF.  Be better than yourself, not the person next to you (online or otherwise).  This challenge is about finding our MORE.  There is more to find no matter what level we are starting at.  We measure our baselines and 6 weeks later we see how much more we had in us.  This is about being proactive and discovering a plan, then using that plan to Find More.

Please, if you have any other feelings (large or small) that are squashing your huge desires to Find More, message me, txt me, email me, knock on my door – whatever you have to do… and we will help get you started.  If you don’t know how to begin and you need more specific guidance, we will accommodate.  Don’t let any of the details of this challenge deter you from making an attempt to reach your goals.

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