to share or not to share

That is the question.

Over the years I have really grown to despise journal writing.  On the surface, I get frustrated when I feel like I’m talking and there’s no one talking back.  And why would I want to document all my secrets in a place for upcoming generations to read and publish in some family book?  I don’t want any of my ancestors reading about my secrets, and there are a few I probably don’t even want to share with the Doc.

But, below the surface, why should any of that matter?  Why, if I’m going to vent, do I need someone to be listening and comment back?  Why would I worry about what someone is reading after I’m dead?  For that matter, do secrets even need to be let out?  What is the purpose of that?  What good can come of that?  In the few times I’ve shared secrets, I’ve just scared someone.  No good comes of that.  Let’s be honest…when a person gets too scary, it’s only natural to not want to be friends with them anymore.  I definitely don’t want to be friends with someone that scares me.

I am envious of these blogs I read in which the author has stayed anonymous.  It seems that you could share of yourself so much more freely if people didn’t know who you were.  I definitely could share of myself more freely if I could trust the world to be honest in their comments and reactions.  But let’s face it.  That just isn’t in the nature of the general population.

So I still wonder…what is the point of documenting or sharing anything that has deep personal meaning?  I fail to see any positive benefit past the emotional release for the author.

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