How do you decide on priorities within your own family?  I’ve always found it somewhat difficult.  There are things that are black and white for me.  Then there are things that I feel I want, but I’m just not sure they are best for everyone.  I value life skills over traditional academics.  I value family time over sitting in a chair staring at a chalkboard.  I value hands-on learning over regurgitation on a piece of paper.  I value self-worth created from hard work over the kind that comes from a test score.  Old fashioned activities are much higher on my priority list than those that require staring at a screen.

But there are the things that I wax and wane about.  Is it better for children to do chores or be outside?  Is it better for them to go to bed early or play a game together?  Should I be reading a bedtime story or planning the week’s schedule?  Typically the kids get harassed on Saturday mornings if they don’t get up and start their jobs.  But this morning here’s what we found:

Luigi has been acting like a super duper big brother lately.  Do we kick him out of the pool to get his jobs started? Or do we let him hang with his sister?

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