old traditions

Are old traditions, deeply rooted in an ancient culture, permanent? Or can they change?  Does a large society become “brainwashed” by the teachings of their forefathers and is it destined to pass on those same “brainwashings” to their children?  I tend to believe so.  I’m not a believer in mass change.  Never have been.  It’s probably one of the main reasons I hate politics and don’t vote in elections of any kind.  I do believe in mass influence.  And in an ancient culture, when the majority are teaching the same thing, there is huge influence on those they are teaching.  But the power of a few or even a small media article, to be able to change the masses, is something I have little faith in.  What do you believe?  Now read this ARTICLE that I found today.  Do you still believe the same?

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5 Responses to old traditions

  1. John Collier says:

    I wonder if this portrays things in the USA. It seems we are to caught up in sex and material things. Political arguments are demoralizing. This leaves little time for God, how very sad. John C.

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