We had a GIGANTIC surprise planned for Dash for his birthday this year.  The only catch was that his birthday was coming more than a month before we were capable of providing the surprise.  We put him off for a long time…telling him we would do a family dinner for his birthday in May, and that we would do a celebration once we moved to Arizona.  It was no easy task.  And I still feel like I wish we would’ve planned better.  But we managed to keep it a secret and he definitely was caught off guard.  He thought we had completely forgotten him and had already moved on to celebrate for Marz.

What he really wanted, and had been wanting for quite some time, was a dog.  We decided we were ready.  Two days ago it all unfolded.  And here’s the photographic evidence:

All the house was quiet…no mice were stirring.  Just a puppy…

luigi trying to keep the 'surprise' in the box

topeka wanted to be on display on the counter with the cake

puppy awaiting her new owner

ndog keeping an eye out for dash's arrival



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6 Responses to belated

  1. Shari says:

    A german shorthaired pointer???? So cute!!!! She looks almost identical to ours. You are a really nice mom. Those dogs need a ton of physical activity. A perfect gift for a boy like Dash. :)

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