nothing fits

I find myself constantly wanting to reinvent the wheel; or several wheels for that matter.  It seems that I’m always looking for something that doesn’t quite exist.  I suppose I am just too picky.  And perhaps it’s not that I can’t find something to fit me.  Maybe it’s just that I don’t fit.  And I’m not just referring to clothing.

I have the hardest time fitting into women’s pants or shorts.  My lower half has too many curves.  It’s a pain to find shoes that I can stand in for more than about 15 minutes because of the arthritis in my left foot and my feet have zero arch.  Bras never fit right since I’m too short through all the areas where the strap covers.  They are always too long, even adjusted to the tightest setting. Those are just a few of the countless clothing issues.

I have yet to find a box in Scottsdale.  I haven’t visited any yet, but just from the websites none seems to be quite right.  We crossfit as a family and apparently no one does that.  The kid classes (if there even are any) are different ages, different times, and different days than the adult classes.  What a hassle!  And not to mention paying for 7 people each month with no family discount!

Then there’s the job category…where we again can’t seem to find what we’re looking for.  If you find a great hospital that runs efficiently and actually cares about the patients, they don’t hire directly.  Find a large conglomerate of doctors that own their own group and you just become part of a machine with not much time in the OR.  Join a small private practice and they have no funds to provide a decent salary.

Oh, and then there’s the living arrangements.  Find a good-sized rental that’s been well kept and you have to live out in Gilbert for it to be affordable.  Live closer to the city and it’s too dumpy.  Live in a good school district and it’s really expensive and small with no yard.

It seems we just can’t win no matter where we turn.  And it frustrates me to no end.  I just want to go out and do it myself.  I want to run an orthopedic practice exactly the way we believe it should be run…efficiently, with kindness and attention to the patients, and with quality staff that aren’t on personal phone calls all the time.  I want to open a box where an entire family can come and crossfit without going broke; where they can all come at the same time instead of 4 different trips during the day.  I want someone to come in and design and create clothing for me that fits, but that is still comfortable, and doesn’t look boring.

What do you do when you can’t find what you want?  Do you settle for something you don’t want and hope that you’re happy with it? If so, has it turned out well for you?

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