i have somebody to share

share the rest of my life

share my innermost thoughts

know my intimate details

someone who stands by my side

and gives me support

he listens to me

when i want to speak

about the world we live in

and life in general

though my views my be wrong

they may even be perverted

he hears me out

and is not easily converted

to my way of thinking

in fact he often disagrees

but at the end of it all

he understands me


i have somebody who cares

for me passionately

with every thought

with every breath

someone who helps me see things

in a different light

all the things i detest

he could get me to like

i never wanted to be tied

to anyone’s strings

i carefully tried to steer clear

of those things

but when i’m asleep

i have somebody

who puts his arms around me

and kisses me tenderly


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