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I don’t believe my kids need school.  Yep.  I said it.  You understood correctly.  School is such a waste of time.  I figured since no one really reads my blog anyway, I can blab into cyberspace about whatever controversial topic I so desire.

Now, mind you, I did NOT say I don’t believe my children need education or knowledge.  I very much believe in that.  What I don’t believe in is this traditional concept of public school that the world seems hell-bent on supporting even though it doesn’t work very well.

Last week and this week my children are going through state standardized testing and I think that was just the last straw.  I had to find a way to scream about the system somewhere.  We all know that standardized testing (at EVERY level) doesn’t test your knowledge of anything outside that of how to take a test.

So here we have a bunch of high-schoolers that need to be tested so that the school can provide some sort of statistics to base funding off of.  On top of that, they have to sit still and do nothing for the better part of 3 hours.  We get 4 days set aside for testing that run from 7:20am to 11:40am.  Each test day consists of a whopping (hold your breath for this…) 66 questions!  Yes, a whole 66 questions folks!  Can you believe it??  And these 10th graders only get 4 hours to answer those 66 questions!  I mean, that’s just wrong.  How could someone sit and answer 66 questions in a matter of a mere 4 hours?  Okay, so there’s some sort of regulated allotted time.  Fine.  I can understand the necessity for that.  But then you cannot leave even if your test is handed in.  So around 8:30am, there’s a kid that turns in his test.  He can’t read certain books, he can’t use his phone, he can’t listen to his iPod.  He must sit at the desk and stare at the wall or sleep for the next 3 hours.  Really?  Who invented that?  And what’s the reason for that?  He turned his test in.  If he leaves campus is he going to somehow change his score or help someone cheat?  If he texts his mother to come get him, the test coordinator will find out he was texting and zero out his test.

To solve this situation, one must go to the office and pretend to be sick so they will call the mother to come get the student.  Do I advocate a system that forces a teenager to sit still and do nothing for 3 hours?  Or do I advocate lying in order to bypass the system?  I have a hard time sitting still for 3 hours even when I do have something to do.  I advocated the lying option and went to get him.

Yes, I’m a horrible parent and teacher.  And I hate the public school system.

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  1. annie says:

    I do read all of your posts. =) I’ve just thought that maybe you’d rather I don’t leave comments.

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