from blah to not so

It’s raining here in smelly Stockton.  I have a certain attitude and feeling about rain.  Let me try and describe what it is NOT…

Nope.  I definitely want my rainbow without the rain.  And I’m more apt to say that anyone who loves dancing in the rain has yet to visit the right beach.  When it rains, I’m a bit more like this:

But here’s the good news.  DocM and I are headed to another interview tomorrow!!  Hooray! More airplanes, rental cars, hotels, dinners, and keeping up appearances!  I can’t wait.  Okay, okay.  I’m not particularly excited about any of that.  But what I am counting down the minutes for is this:

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  1. Emily says:

    I kid you not, the post directly under yours on my reader feed was this one:

    Just thought it was funny.

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