spring break: DAY 1

Raise your hand if you think school breaks cause torture on the home front.  You’ll see that both my hands are up.  The transition from being apart all day to being together all day seems to be tough for everyone.  So our school district thought we were deserving of a bit of extra torture.  Let’s give the kids TWO full weeks off from school and make it NOT near Easter!  Fantastic!  And on top of that, our weather predicted at least one of those weeks to be full of rain.  Even more fantasticness!  I wracked my brain to think of ways to keep them from killing each other.

So our first day off we visited the Jelly Belly Factory.  And because I didn’t have enough trouble of my own, I volunteered to take someone else’s two children with us.  Hooray!  Luck me with 7 children headed to tour the Jelly Belly Factory an hour away!

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