a journey

Many moons ago when I started putting family info up online, things were very different.  I think it was approximately 2003.   I had a website before general population even knew of the word ‘blog’.  It began with laziness.  We have always moved around.  About 18 times in 17 years is the current count.  As kids and our life events were changing constantly, I just became lazy about calling someone every time something was new.  I had daily contact with email even before I was married.  But it just wasn’t the norm back then.  Most of my parents’ generation still didn’t even have a computer in the home, and if they did, they sure didn’t know how to use it very well.  So they relied on the annual card/picture of the family to see what the kids looked like and hear a few short sentences about what we were up to. I decided I didn’t even want to do that all the time.  It was costly, and I wanted something that people could get info from more often instead of on a yearly basis.  So I set up a website that would keep current info on what the kids were doing, a few pictures, and our contact info.  I’m pretty sure not many really ever looked at it.  There were still so many that didn’t have online access, or if they did, it just wasn’t a part of their routine.  But I didn’t care.  At that point I was just too tired of contacting people separately to tell them what was going on.  So I figured I would dump the responsibility on everyone else.  If they cared to know about us, they would have to visit the web.  It didn’t work all that well.   People still rebelled against the technology and still complained that they didn’t hear about or know about some news.

Then came the world of blog overload.  I succumbed to the masses and put our info on blogger.  I’m not sure any more people took the time to find out what we were up to than before, considering the lack of comments I got from my posts.  Or maybe my posts were just boring.

Now there are so many more options in addition to blogger.  And mommy-blogs seem to be a dime a dozen.  And I have found so much more to blab about than just the random family update.  What began in 2003 as a mere tool to announce where we were living and the latest family goings-on, has become more personal to me.  I have a forum for random spew and a place to share all my research fanaticism.

So here I am, discovering another new realm; one that I’ve wanted to explore for a few years now.  It’s a huge learning curve for me, so be patient as I give birth to this new creation.  I hope you are able to find something useful on occasion.  Content has begun with some old edited/updated posts from blogger, along with a couple new things.  Content will hopefully grow quickly in the next little while.  And I expect the look and format and design to change and shift often until I settle with something that warrants a happy dance.



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