just a square peg here

squarepeg roundhole

I’ve been wondering lately why assumptions run so rampant in this society. If I tell someone I do one thing, they automatically assume I do ten others. Like all 11 are supposed to be put together in a single grouping of actions or beliefs and cannot be separated?? Why is this?

I have never really been able to define myself by one specific thing. Is it because I get bored easily? Is it because I can’t make up my mind? Is it because I like too many things just a little, and not one thing a lot? I’m not sure. It’s just the way of me, I suppose. I never have wanted to put wallpaper on walls or carpet a floor in an odd color. I always want the option to change easily and without huge cost. I’m not sure I have a fear of permanency, per se, but I definitely avoid it. And my style seems to follow suit. I don’t have one single genre of music or movies that I stick to. I have some from every category that I find pleasing. My clothing is all over the place, as is my mood. And maybe that is the root of the problem. With an inconsistent mood and brain, it would be difficult to be consistent in decisions. Even so, I tend to have very strong opinions and beliefs in certain areas. But I feel frustrated when people assume I should be doing a certain group of things based on one decision I made. And lately it seems to be in the homeschooling arena.

9 years ago we decided to pull our oldest 2 children out of public school and homeschool them. It obviously wasn’t because I missed them too much during the day. And if you want to hear that thought process and story, let me know. It’s very close to my heart and spirit, but too long to put in this post. Anyway, we always stayed open-minded about it and never assumed it would be a one-time decision. And it hasn’t been. We rethink and redecide EVERY SINGLE YEAR. And when people hear that I homeschool my children, they make certain assumptions. Why do my reasons for pulling my children out of public school need to be the same as the next homeschool mom’s. Why can’t they be mine and mine alone?

Yes I homeschool my children AND still believe in vaccinating them. Yes I homeschool my children AND still believe in shoeing them and showering them. Yes I homeschool my children AND have a teenager in public school. And of course the round-peg syndrome spills into all the other areas of my life. Yes I love country music AND rap. Yes I am a Mormon mom AND enjoyed working outside the home when my children were young. Yes I crossfit AND do not eat Paleo. Yes I have worn Vans for as long as I can remember AND I haven’t been on a skateboard since I was 12. Yes I love the beach, grew up in southern California AND do not know how to surf. Yes I am half Chinese AND do not like Asian food.

Do we categorize because it is easier? Does it allow us to be lazier? Do we avoid the effort in getting to know someone so that we can just put them in one of the round holes we are already aware of? No matter what shape peg someone is, perhaps we can try harder to draw conclusions from facts we have rather than allowing our brain to make quick, lazy assumptions.

Yes I am the square peg AND I actually do not want to fit into the round hole.